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After a youthful period of teaching in the discipline of Piano and Ensemble Music through a long collaboration with the Polis art center in Certaldo (FI), and at the same time experimenting with music teaching in the context of music-oriented middle school in (Padova) in music high schools, such as Liceo Francesco Petrarca - Arezzo, Chevalier College in Moss Vale, Australia and in private schools (ICA Sydney-Australia, Cantiere d'arte in Montepulciano, Siena) Alessandra is mainly dedicated to teaching Chamber Music and creating projects in interdiscipline with Theater and Visual Arts (Academia dell´Arte in Arezzo - "I Suoni del Fiume", a Festival she created in the province of Arezzo - Mona Foma in Hobart, Tasmania)
Since 2008, she has held tenure as the winner of a competition for qualifications and examinations, under which she has taught in various Italian conservatories.

At the Conservatory of Messina she organized the first international exchanges the institute has done, including a concert at the Taormina Theater with the Conservatoire Royal of Brussels. She has organized numerous major events for students, such as a tribute to Nino Rota in collaboration with the Palermo-based FerriBotte Film directed by recorder Giovanni Massa, also serving as artistic director in the context of concerts at the Messina Libreria Feltrinelli, in the context of which her many students have played for several years. 
The "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatory of Turin has seen her put on numerous productions in interdiscipline with the Department of Composition. The ensembles she followed, in addition to the Conservatory concerts, have performed in the context of Mito Settembre Musica.

At the Conservatory Nicolini in Piacenza, which represents the most recent work situation, she has served for several years as Erasmus organizer and contact person for Internationalization, and is currently part of the Academic Council of the institution.
Through Alessandra, the Piacenza Conservatory of Music has been able to expand international contacts overseas, and her input has enabled the hosting of such names as Christa Buetzberger (chamber musician and student of Celibidache), Emmanuel Sejournè (French composer and percussionist), Samuli Peltonen (principal cello of the Finnish National Orchestra), Petteri Iivonen (concertmaster of the Paris Opera), Markus Stockhausen (chamber trumpeter), Sophie Hallynck (well-known Belgian harpist) and many other chamber musicians of great stature. Shee has also led students to perform in many prominent contexts including the Museo del Novecento in Milan. She has been able to put on many annual productions for the Conservatory featuring performances by the student chamber musicians in her class, completing repertoire every year for an average of thirty ensembles, all of which have boasted public performances both inside and outside the Conservatory. She has also collaborated with the Florence Conservatory, where she has brought Australian composer Robert Davidson and held a daily seminar with him on the Australian compositions.

She has given Masterclasses in chamber music and contemporary music at Chevalier College in Moss Vale, Australia, the "Le Altre Note" Festival in Valtellina, and the Italian department of New York University, USA, among others. In September 2023  she will hold a seminar on contemporary music at Queensland University in Brisbaine, Australia. She actuali is professor of Chamber Music at  Conservatorio "Rinaldo Franci" in Siena. 

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