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Alessandra was born in Siena, Italy in 1965.

Her music background is purely classical, but her piano career evolved into researching and exploring various musical fields, from ethnic to jazz. Her international stage performances, have been as a soloist and well as in many ensembles, playing mainly cross-over and contemporary classical repertoire.

She received her first piano degree in Florence in 1984, having studied with Paolo Rio Nardi and Gregoria Gobbi. She relocated to Australia, where she studied with Russian pianist Sonya Hanke, untill 1986. It was here that she met Aboriginal musicians who involved her deeply, enabling her connection between classical studies and ethnic cultural diversity. Notably, Alessandra included a classical French repertoire with Pascal Rogè in Nice, contemporary music with Giancarlo Cardini at G.A.M.O. in Florence with Georgy Sebok in Switzerland, and United States and with Ivan Moravec in Ireland. With Pier Narciso Masi at the International Music Academy in Biella, Italy, Alessandra trained as a classical pianist and in chamber music repertoire.

From 1985 to 1991, Alessandra was supported by several Institutions, including the Italian State Foreign Department, and the Rumenian State Music Agency. During this support, she studied At Indiana University, Bloomington (USA) for acting with Johanna Park, composition with J. Meuhelsen, classical piano repertoire with Shgeo Neriki and Georgy Sebok.

Alessandra has performed as a soloist since 1985. At the same time, she has performed in chamber ensembles in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, in several Australian States, in Tasmania, and in the U.S. and Mexico.

She has recorded for Wirripang/Naxos, Ema Records, Materiali Sonori, New Tone, Warner, worked for international music managements such as Materiali Sonori, Clic Music in Bruxelles, Ema Records, Independent Recordings in Mexico. She has performed for radio broadcasts RAI in Italy, Channel Five in Amsterdam, and Australia ABC and 2MBS/FM.

Alessandra has worked with many musicians such as Stefano Bollani, Gavin Bryars, Roger Eno, Giorgio Gaslini, Michael Nyman, Enrico Rava, Harvey Sachs, Markus Stockhausen, Steven Brown, Kamran Khacheh, Kocani Orkestar Launeddas, virtuoso Luigi Lai, Roger Eno, Gavin Bryars, Daniel Shell, Fabrizio de Rossi Re, Damiano Santini, Kamran Khacheh, Riccardo Riccardi, May Howlett, Adam Simmons, Robert Davidson, Steven Brown. Many of them have written music for her.

As part of Harmonia Ensemble, Alessandra performed with Orio Odori playing clarinet; Damiano Puliti, cello, and Paolo Corsi, percussions. She was guided by the Italian label Materiali Sonori from 1991 to 2013. In this contract Alessandra performed as pianist, arranger and composer. Harmonia has performed in Europe as well as in Mexico, being recognized by leading Japanese, European, and North American networks as an important cutting edge chamber ensemble in the international border-line musical milieu. Harmonia Ensemble played and recorded contemporary music, exploring musical fields from minimalism to soundtrack, revisiting music by composers such as Frank Zappa and Nino Rota.

In 2010 she met Adam Simmons, Australian poliinstrumentist from Australia, with whom she started an intense recording and performing activity. They played as a trio with the percussionist David Jones in many occasions, being part of main festivals such as the “Slow Music Festival” in Ballarat and Mona Fomna in Tasmania. In the same year, Alessandra was part of the North Italian “Altre Note”, Festival and Masterclass, where she met the cellist Samuli Peltonen, with whom she started music collaboration. In this context she performed with the clarinetist Inigo Alonso, flutist Stefano Parrino and the violist Jouko Masnerus.

From 2015 to 2017 Alessandra gave lectures at “Casa Zerilli Marimò”, in the Italian department at New York University. During this time she contributed to Masterclass/Festival, “Musica Negli Horti” in Valdorcia (Siena) Italy. She was involved in theatre productions in Sardinia, with the manager Romano Usai, and the actress Manuela Loddo. In Tuscany she performed with the actress Lorella Serni, under direction of Fulvio Cauteruccio.
Involved with the “Accademia dell’Arte”, in Arezzo, she worked with the theatre director Kevin Crawford.

From 2015 to 2019 Alessandra was active in a cross over repertoire with the Irish flutist Katrina Emtage, in Ireland, and Italy, joining up with the cellist Ilse de Ziah, the saxophonist Alda Dalle Lucche, and with Dutch cellist Caroline Boersma, and Hungerian violinist Renata Lacko.
In 2019 Alessandra performed pieces by the Santini Zodiac, with the trumpetist Markus Stockhausen, and with Theoreme String Quartet, a Finnish program dedicated to Sibelius and Busoni. In the same year she started collaboration with NoMus, in Milan, where she performed at the Museo del Novecento, and became involved in musical research and publishing.

Alessandra has been a teaching performer from 1990, in Polis Laboratori Di Arte e Musica, Certaldo, Siena. From 1989 to 2003, at the Chevalier College in Moss Vale, Australia, from 2005, at Liceo Musicale Francesco Petrarca, Arezzo, from 1997 to 2008, Lecturing/ performing at the Italian department of New York University, from 2015 to 2017, Casa Zerilli Marimò , U.S. Recently Alessandra has given piano and chamber music masterclasses at Cork University of Music, Ireland.

She is Chamber Music Teacher through the national competition of Ministero Della Pubblica Istruzione, working at the Conservatorium Arcangelo Corelli, in Messina, and also the Conservatorium Giuseppe Verdi in Turin.


Currently, Alessandra lectures on chamber music at the Piacenza Conservatorium, where she has been also part of the Erasmus International Academic Council on exchanges; she is still part of the Academic Council in Piacenza Conservatorium.

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