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Press Review

…this kind of performance is an incredible experience… Alessandra has been received enthusiastically by the audiences at her recitals. Yesterday she performed a selection of compositions from Bach to Bartòk, showing her rare sense of harmony…


Carol Payne

Sydney, “The Sydney Morning Herald”

…in December I heard this young pianist, courtesy of the Italian Culture Institute. Her playng of Bach was commendable, but I enjoyed her most when she stepped outside her normal repertoire and played a Sonata by Ugo Amendola, whom she described as a contemporary composer. This mixture of Jazz and classical stile was delivered with an understanding of both methods and would be considered third strem music.

She finished a most pleasent interlude on a smoggy evening playing Liszt and Bartok…


Paul Black

Dublin, “World of Opera”

...Alessandra Garosi's musical artistry asserted itself with a lucid piano performance in the Sala degli Specchi of the Accademia dei Rozzi.... she brought herself to the fore by making her hands 'fly' over the keyboard, obtaining flamboyant sound colourings, she 'acted' on the piano with extreme clarity of intent...her energetic and imaginative temperament, ...the virtuosic qualities... exploded in the second part of the concert, arousing admiration in the audience... masterful interpretation of the piece inspired by the film 'Rocco and his brothers'... the last piece on the programme, the Suite op.14 by Belà Bartòk, offers a strongly coloured musical picture, congenial to the daring dynamism of the brilliant performer...

Fabrizio Calabrese
Siena, "La Gazzetta"

...Writing for her is extraordinary, Alessandra is a brilliant pianist... Every note, from her fingers, becomes important... and I can finally write things I could never play...

Roger Eno

"Blue Note, Rai 3"

...that Harmonia is a well-established and intelligent 'anomaly' on the contemporary classical front, has fearlessly demonstrated this in recent years, managing to push the limits of a chamber formation such as that composed of clarinet, cello and piano beyond what is imaginable: often recalling electronics and the reinterpretation of significant pages of 20th-century music (F. Zappa and N. Rota), but above all moving under the banner of an openness and freedom that is rare to find in the classical sphere and not only...

Leonardo Cavallo

"La Nazione"

Harmonia Meets Zappa is one of the most evocative, involving and refined records I have ever heard. ...this is not the first project of its kind, but this time the combination of such disparate musical aptitudes has succeeded as never before... the music on this CD is not a scholastic re-performance of pieces by the American guitarist-composer, but a personal and brilliant reinterpretation of Frank Zappa's musical universe...

Claudio Marinelli

"Rock Star"

...musicians with rigorous and brilliant classical training, but in love with what, with a horrid term, is defined as contamination, the three investigate significant moments of 20th century music... treated with joyful levity these pieces become 'sins' in the style of Rossini, of youth rather than old age...

Fabio Norcini

"La Rebubblica"

....musicians in search of an author...and timbre research and sound organisation ...a limpid exercise in style-in light the beautiful versions of Son o.m.g.g., w.y. as well as original pieces by Garosi, Odori and Puliti...

Fulvio Paloscia e Paolo Russo

"La Rebubblica"

With a cello, a clarinet, a piano and electronics, deft fingers, wit, and talent, Harmonia presents 14 lovely numbers of Zappa as witty and enchanting chamber fare.Along with a few excellent Zappa-inspired compositions of their own compositions of their own, they examine such gems as Peaches en Regalia, What’s new in Baltimore and an incredible version of Hungry Freaks, Daddy.


John Pulver

"The Music Advocate"

...the story of Harmonia is a strange one. For almost a five-year period they have been navigating in musical atmospheres of research... they deserve credit for having worked without preclusions, for having taken advantage of every opportunity, inside and outside the borders: from the salons of Rai Stereonotte to the stage of Cocoricò in Riccione, from Leoncavallo to the Jazz Club in Brussels...

Marco Mannucci

"La Nazione"

...Harmonia, which enlivened Teramo's municipal theatre, is a compact ensemble... It is formed by instrumentalists who play like composers, i.e. with great attention to the structure of the pieces, to the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic articulations, to the colour of the sound... the result is a brilliant and successful performance to which the contribution of each instrumentalist appears decisive, but which seems to us to be built above all on Garosi's eclecticism... the language chosen is traditional, but there is no lack of nods to experimentation; the enrichment of formal research is undoubted. ...the success was overwhelming.

Walter Tortoreto

"Il Centro", Teramo

Harmonia performed its repertoire consisting of classical compositions written for an anomalous formation... an attempt to combine classicism and modernity without overwhelming the sense of sound, seeking a conjunction that many deny between past and present, while maintaining stylistic rigour and a high level of performance practice...

Museo Pecci, Prato

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